Commercial Window Cleaning
$10,000,000 Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

Window cleaning, while a small budget item, represents a very high risk to the building, its owners and managers. In our litigious society, P.I. attorneys look for the 'deep pocket'. If your pocket is deeper than the contractor you hire, you become the target.

ANS,Inc. Customers are automatically "Additional Insured" with $10,000,000 of comprehensive general liability insurance, when the customer signs our Service Agreement. Coverage can be extended to both the owners as well as the management companies. There is no additional charge for this service.

For your additional protection, we carry "care, custody and control insurance", "lost key coverage", and employee liability insurance. Subrogation Insurance as well as Performance Bonding is available at an additional charge.

All of our employees assigned to your property are covered by extended coverage Workman's Compensation. If you engage uninsured workers to perform services for your property, you may be exposed to uninsured employer liability as well as host employer liability.

Some limited insured contractors may use uninsured or under insured subcontractors and franchisees, which exposes your property to lawsuits.

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